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Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson -- Apt. 2B

"His largest role was Lestrade, a brash, young lawman who has yet to get his feet wet in a major case. Frederic truly shines in this guise, and his bumbling cop is wonderful to watch and hear. He latches onto Holmes, and Watson and quickly becomes a better man for the association. Frederic’s autocratic welcoming narrator turns out to be none other than that criminal mastermind, Moriarty, a role that dominates the second act of this play. The actor makes this role a personal treasure, well-worth waiting for and watching."

-- J. Peter Bergman,

"This multi-talented cast is rounded out with Michael Frederic who is a master of comic timing and yet subtle and nuanced in his multiple roles. His inspector Lestrade is all charmy/smarmy and a bit of a rube. As the nefarious billionaire Elliott Musk, he is sleezy and coldly ambitious. Frederic then smoothly transforms into the quintessential master criminal, Moriarty. Nothing is missed and everything is wildly comical."

-- Jeannie Marlin Woods, BerkshireOnstage.Blog

"There are other important characters, including Holmes’ colleague Lestrade, and his arch-enemy Dr. Moriarty. Both and other male characters are played with stylish wit by Michael Frederic."

-- Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald

"Frederic and Fernandez careen through multiple characters. Frederic's Lestrade is great fun to underestimate, and his Moriarty lives under a raised eyebrow and perfect sneer."

-- Alex Brown,

"Fernandez and Frederic get the showy challenge of coming up with multiple personalities, and if there are gasps in the audience from this thriller, it is due to this duo’s superior craft, speed and agility creating diametrically opposed characters."

-- Patrick White,

with Francesca Fernandez

with Nessa Norich and Sara Haider


"The performances are uniformly flawless. Michael Frederic can never drop his alpha demeanor and yet he still brings a depth to the performance that is shocking…. AFTER is a gut punch that sneaks up on you."

-- Scott Mitchell, Reviews Off Broadway

"The five-person cast could not be better……Michael Frederic makes Tate a self-entitled man who ultimately has put up with a great deal, but also has to come to terms with his responsibility."

-- Victor Gluck,


"Michael Frederic also has a powerful bit when Tate, reading a letter filled with unpalatable truths, breaks down in sobs."

-- David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"….her very busy and important husband, Tate, deftly portrayed by Michael Frederic."

-- Steven Ross, Front Mezz Junkies


"James never wavers in defending his son, but Frederic skillfully shows that James' determination may grow out of fear to face the possibility of guilt."

-- Patrick Maley, The New Jersey Star--Ledger

"Especially enthralling is the parent duo of Ms. Skraastad and Mr. Frederic. These seasoned actors know the arc of pacing and building on each other’s volume level, vocal intensity and emotional interplay."

-- Susan Myrill Dougherty, The Westfield Leader

The Great Divorce

"Michael Frederic is most memorable as George McDonald, the Scottish author whose spirit tries to explain the nature of God."

-- Anita Gates, The New York Times

The New Morality

"Michael Frederic as Col. Ivor Jones plays a wonderful counterpoint to his wife’s languidness. He was perfectly pinched and wound like a bobbin about to snap. Frederic gives us a man lost without the discipline of his regiment, floundering in the messiness of the civilian and rendered rigid in the face of a feminine wile."

-- Jacquelyn Claire,

The God Game


"The Hudson Stage casting seems flawless.....Mr. Frederic is excellent (and very funny), establishing once and for all that no actor has to “play gay” in terms of physicality."

-- Anita Gates, The New York Times





"The actors are outstanding.....Frederic brings a well-calibrated physicality to Matt."

-- John P. McCarthy, The Journal News

Bill W and Dr Bob

"Michael Frederic who plays several different male roles in the play, has such a strikingly unique appearance that it took a few beats for me to realize that he was playing yet another part."

-- Ruth Antrich,


"Michael Frederic, as Holmes, brings strength, intelligence, determination - and a touch of madness."

-- Marakay Rogers,

The Hound of the Baskervilles

"In addition to his appropriately egotistical portrayal of Holmes, Frederic is uproarious as Cecille, a seductive Spanish lady with an eye for Sir Henry. He also plays the mysterious Stapleton with eye patch and crutch, Barrymore the butler, Mrs. Barrymore, the sobbing housekeeper, and a peasant of the moors."

-- David A. Sargent, Lewiston Sun-Journal

The Eyes of Others


"Michael Frederic in the role of Second Man has perhaps best captured the play’s style, somehow managing to bring a sort of unique reality of its own to some very unreal emotions and actions."

-- Patricia Norris,



"Evan Zes and Michael Frederic’s timing is spot on..."

-- David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

Around the World in 80 Days

"Multiple roles played by Dan Matisa and Michael Frederic rate among the funniest performances TPT has presented....They dash from character to character with split-second costume changes and never miss a cue.......

.....Frederic portrays the tenacious Detective Fix, as well as several other characters. The scenes between Matisa and Frederic are reminiscent of TV’s "Carol Burnett Show" when the antics of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would crack each other up. Even Bloodworth’s imperturbable character of Fogg would break out in a smile once in a while."

-- David A. Sargent, Lewiston Sun-Journal

The 39 Steps (Florida Studio Theatre)


"Mr. Frederic smoothly blends all of the most alluring qualities of Hitchcock's leading men:  loyalty, patriotism, good looks, quick wit, dry humor, and an unfailing dedication to overcome any obstacle."

-- Steven J. Smith, Scene Magazine



"Frederic is wonderfully convincing as the iconic, arched-eyebrow, slightly upper class but secretly longing for love and adventure, Hitchcockian hero."

-- Paula Atwell, Pelican Press

The 39 Steps (Actors' Playhouse)

"Michael Frederic is hilarious as Richard Hannay. He seems straight out of a '30s British film, with his pencil-thin mustache, self-assured speech, arched eyebrow, and polite English-chap demeanor. Frederic plays Hannay with tongue firmly in cheek, and his energy and charisma make you root for ol' Hannay to unravel the mystery and get the girl."

-- Chris Joseph, Miami New Times



"As Father Flynn, Frederic, with a spot-on Bronx accent, possesses both the genuine warmth of a loving pastor and the guileless cunning of a career deceiver."

-- Michael Long, Lancaster Sunday News


"[Frederic's] father is warm, funny and engaging, with a charming Bronx accent, but also holding some secret inside of him."

-- Jane Holahan, Lancaster New Era



"Frederic is excellent in the role.  He moves from arrogant to caring to defeated without missing a note."

-- David Ritchey, West Side Leader (Cleveland)

Power Play


"And the superb Michael Frederic makes A.C. the modern-day equivalent of Iago, smiling, stroking, promoting, and nudging with just the right amount of credible unctuousness."

-- The Daily Gazette



"[Frederic] commands the stage with a coolness and ease as the slimy A.C....."

-- Spotlight Newspapers



"Frederic plays his part with wide-eyed, smirking control to such perfection that it's impossible not to like him at least a little.....His physical and vocal comedy stayed fresh throughout the whole play, and he brilliantly straddled that line between farce and sincere comedy."

-- Lake George Mirror

Summer and Smoke


"As John, Michael Frederic nails both the prodigal son act and the southern drawl.  It's easy to understand why Alma is so captivated by him (albeit against her better judgment)."

-- Katherine Critchlow, Show Business Weekly

The Unexpected Guest


"Returning from last year's "Doubt," in which he played the priest that everyone doubted, is actor Michael Frederic.  In "Guest," he shows his comic timing as Angell, the victim's nurse."

-- Susan E. Lindt, Intelligencer Journal


Vampire University


"As the heads of the clan, Michael Frederic and Tamara Scott do excellent comic work.  Their scenes are fun, and they handle the double entendres and groan-inducing puns with great skill."

-- Jose Zayas,



Outstanding performances are turned in by.....Michael Frederic as Clifford Anderson, a young author who has penned a play worth killing for.......Frederic [is] new to The Public Theater stage, and [his] appearance in "Deathtrap" will put [him] high on audience wish-lists for roles in future shows."

-- Lewiston Sun Journal

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